Ways To Cut Your Electricity Bill And Save Money

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

With an impending shortage of gas and electricity this winter, it’s more important than ever to save as much energy as possible. Not only will reducing your energy consumption be good for the environment, but it will also be kind to your bank account. Don’t fear: reducing your energy consumption won’t mean a major lifestyle change, or that you transform overnight into an eco-warrior. It will just mean small changes in habit.

Here are small, almost effortless ways to cut your electricity bills and save money.

10 Money Saving Tips for Your Electric Bill

1. Switch Off the Lights

This is a no-brainer; turn off all lights when not in use. Train yourself to adopt this new habit as it will save you money on your energy bill in the long run.

2. Turn Off Electronic Appliances

Switching off electronic appliances instead of putting them on standby or to sleep will save a small amount of electricity, and thus a small amount of money – and every little helps.

3. Shop Around When Signing Up for Electricity

Did you know in many areas of the U.S. that you have a choice in the energy company you use? These areas are deregulated allowing for competition for supplying you electricity. So shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Also look at sites like EnergyPromoCodes.com that can help you find coupons and deals on electricity plans in some areas.

4. Replace Bulbs With More Energy-Efficient Ones

When a bulb break, replacing it with a more energy-efficient one will have a positive effect on your energy bill. Energy efficient bulbs such as LED’s also have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

5. Get an Energy Monitor

Monitoring the energy usage in your home will give you a better idea of how much your electricity bill will be at the end of the month. Use it to assess much-used appliances such as your phone charger, kettle, and lights.

6. Insulate your Attic

To retain as much heat in your home as possible, insulate your attic. Be sure to check whether there are any energy efficiency grants provided by the Government for home insulation beforehand.

7. Wash Clothes at 30 Degrees or Less

For lightly soiled clothing, towels, and bed linen, washing them on a 30-degree temperature or even a cold wash will work just as well as a standard 40-degree wash.

8. Avoid the Tumble Dryer

Though it may not be possible in colder temperatures, hang your clothes out to dry or use a clothes horse to dry your clothes indoors. Don’t put clothes on the radiator – it will only block the heat and take longer to heat the room.


9. Put Your Central Heating on a Timer

Using the timer on your boiler during the winter will reduce the risk of forgetting to turn the heating off and will drastically cut costs. Once the house has been heated, keep the doors closed and use draft excluders if necessary to keep each room warm.

10. Turn Off Radiators in Unused Rooms

There’s no point heating empty rooms. Turning off the radiators in unoccupied rooms will avoid wasted energy consumption.

Observe these methods for saving money on your electrical energy bill. and you’ll most likely succeed and luxuriate in all the rewards and advantages that lowering your electricity bill have to offer you. Ignore them and the prediction is not good. It is up to you to follow them and come out forward.