Guide to Finding a Dependable Home Contractor

Home Contractor in McMinnville Oregon

For many homeowners the biggest challenge is finding the right contractor to do the job right the first time and on time. Everyone by now must have heard horror stories about contractor that tore down a wall and dug a hole in the basement and never returned after a weekend or the one that gave a good estimate only to charge you 3x more than what you expected. To remove the guesswork out of hiring a dependable one, here are some tips.

Know What You Want

According to General Contractor McMinnville Oregon specialists, it is best to begin with a plan and some ideas before talking to a contractor immediately. Knowing what you want will net you a much more accurate estimate of the project including materials.

Get References

Talk to your friends, colleagues and neighbors if they would want to recommend someone for the job. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool to convince people about the reputation of someone in the same vein it can be used to crush them.

Interview at least Three Home Contractors

The most common mistake people make when selecting a contractor is interviewing just one person for the job. Talk to at least three experienced candidates and request for a written bid from each one.  When comparing bids do ensure that they are using the same materials for the job and do not be afraid to negotiate.

Don’t be Turned Off by Busy Contractors

A reliable Contractor from McMinnville Oregon is busy with projects. Those that are not hired all the time have too much time on their hands. Busy contractors means they are good so don’t be turned off if the one you chose won’t be able to begin the work immediately.

Check Licenses and Insurance

Most general contractors need to operate with a license although the practice varies depending on where you are.  You may also want to check the disciplinary boards as well as the BBB for references or complaints.

Get a Detailed Contract

Don’t just sign on the dotted line. Verify what is written on the contract and talk it out loud with your contractor to ensure he is on the same page with you.  If it is not documented on the contract he might deny that you ever talked about it in the first place. Any change on the project should be reflected on paper and signed by both