Where to Find High Quality Turkey Mounts

Turkey Hunting and Mounting Plaques

Finding High Quality Turkey Mounts

When hunting of the turkey is over, you often need to decide that how it should be displayed in your house. We have many choices here, but the first thing to be considered is the quality of your turkey specimen. If some part of the bird’s body has been badly damaged during hunting, you will try to hide this problem by choosing a certain pose that would help lessen it. But it is best that this taxidermy should be done by the professionals. They are truly well-trained and expert at what they are doing but mounting a turkey’s spurs, or feathers are quite easy and can be done easily at home.

But it should be kept in mind that the quality of a finished turkey mount often starts in the field, e.g., a bird mount facing you fully in the face will appear to be a much bigger target, but there’s a great likelihood that its meat has been damaged. Therefore we must wait for the bird to strike a natural pose before we shoot it.

One of the many online shops that are famous for making quality turkey mounts is Stump Jumper Designs. StumpJumperDesigns.com offers their clients a variety of unique mounting plaques as well as beautiful techniques of displaying the most sought after and majestic game-birds.

Most of the turkey plaques and mounts designed at the Stump Jumper’s are designed to display the turkey’s fan, beard and spurs. As turkey hunting and woodworking is the passion of the owner of this shop, thus we see some very unique and innovative designs here. The name of the shop’s owner is Tim, but he has named this shop after his father who got this nickname Stump Jumper’ during his world war days. He got this name from his war buddies when jumping over a tree stump he broke his ankle.

Tim got this love for woodworking from his father, and now he is passing on this passion to the next generation, his children. Tim’s passion and interests for turkey hunting and woodworking has become an obsession. When it’s not turkey season, and there’s no turkey hunting at that time, Tim can be seen busily working in his workshop. He is busy working to create high-quality display mounts and plaques. For this, he selects the finest wood, and each piece is hand-made with the choice of the footprint that the customer asks for. Different types of high-quality wood are used, and sometimes the wood used is according to the customer’s demand.

After this, the finishing touch is given to the wood with oil-urethane which gives out the best of the wood grain. Here the customer is given a choice to select the turkey foot-print style that would go best with the wood grain. The beard, tail and fan once installed can be easily replaced once the customer needs any changes. Thus the Stump Jumper Designs, in a very unique and beautiful way, displays the most sought after as well as majestic of all game birds, the wild turkey.

When it comes to displaying your turkey, many options are easily available to suit different space requirements or even any kind of budget. However, the all-important decision remains where to find high-quality turkey mounts.

We can make our own turkey mounts when we are considering our lean budget, and have decided on having something not too elaborate. However, when it comes to sourcing for those high-quality turkey mounts, then it is time to get the services of a professional turkey taxidermist. Professional turkey taxidermists that can render high-quality services can be found all over the Internet by doing a quick Google search for the terms: “high-quality turkey mounts” or “turkey taxidermy.”

A point of warning though: these professional taxidermists do not come cheap. Because they provide you with high-quality turkey mounts prepared with top-notch materials, their charges come within the range of $500 to $1000 for a full body turkey mount. This amount could be quite a chunk of your budget. You can take your time to browse through the offerings of different turkey taxidermists, make comparisons, and then decide the one to acquire his services based on his location, the materials he’ll use, the price of his services and the sample on display. Here is a quick Turkey Taxidermy video to give you an idea.

Always remember that acquiring the services of a remote turkey taxidermist will incur extra decision making on packaging, shipment and mounting, and any extra cost that may be associated with them?